Happy Couple SmilingThe most famous smile in history belongs to Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, the Mona Lisa. Generations of art analysts have speculated over its meaning. Seductive? Bashful? Secretly knowing? Or could it be, given her upturned—but firmly closed lips, that she was ashamed of showing her teeth? Could they have been chipped, stained, crooked or gapped?

These days there’s no need to hide your smile because your teeth aren’t perfect. Modern cosmetic technology can straighten, repair, contour and whiten teeth, using twenty-first century techniques to create a natural-looking appearance in a less-than-perfect mouth.

Leonardo, Mona Lisa’s creator, was not only a painter but also a mathematician and engineer. So it’s not surprising that her mouth and eyes form a perfect equal-sided triangle. Four centuries later, social scientists tell us that humans are naturally attracted to symmetry of features. Today we craft smiles that emphasize your own individual identity. It’s the look that is you—and only you.

Glimpse your smile in the mirror—you’ll smile even more when you see yourself looking so GOOD!